The 11th Daegu Robot Expo
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1. Object
Welcome to ROBEX 2020 Exhibition. We inform you this agreement to let you know the exhibition organizer and pre-registrants' right, duty and other matters regarding all the services from ROBEX 2020 Exhibition.
2. Use and protection of pre-registrant's information
A. Limits of organizer's use about pre-registrant's information
- The exhibition organizer can use pre-registrant's information such as e-mail address, mobile number and address only for sending e-mails, text messages and postal mails, fax mails for this or the next exhibition.
- The exhibition organizer can make public some of pre-registrant's information such as company, position, purpose of visit and interests to exhibitors for operating 1 to 1 on-line match making system. The system will be managed for exchanging information between pre-registrants(buyers) and exhibitors before exhibition period. Through this system, exhibitors can search for their proper buyers among all pre-registrants and send e-mails to specific pre-registrants to invite them to their booths for meetings on site.
- The exhibition organizer can provide the information of the pre-registrant that visited the booth and allowed the badge scan for customer management system.
- The exhibition organizer doesn't use or provide pre-registrant's information to anyone.

ROBEX2020 Secretariat does NOT provide an official invitation letter for foreign attendees for any purpose.

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Purchasing / procurement Manufacturing / Production Finance/Accounting
Quality control/Inspection Planning R&D/Design
General affairs/Management/HR/Training Stock&goods management/Logistics Maintenance


Executive Director Department Manager Manager
Staff Technician Lecturer/Teacher/Research Assistant
Trainee/Student Others


Purchasing products/technology Collecting data Grasping market trends
Researching Seeking business opportunities and partners General admission
Deciding whether to register for the next year’s exhibition Others

Motivation for watching

TV, newspapers and other media Industrial magazines Internet
Related organizations Invitation letter Advertisement

FA components Smart plants Machine tools
Tools Welding and plating Precision measuring instruments
Logistics systems
Parts show
Machinery components Automobile parts Electrical components
Electronic components Metal materials Chemical materials
Ceramics 3D printers Aviation parts
Tuning parts
Industrial robots Service robots Entertainment Robots
Educational robots Robot Parts S/W
Drones VR/AR

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