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1. Object
Welcome to ROBEX 2018 Exhibition. We inform you this agreement to let you know the exhibition organizer and pre-registrants' right, duty and other matters regarding all the services from ROBEX 2018 Exhibition.
2. Use and protection of pre-registrant's information
A. Limits of organizer's use about pre-registrant's information
- The exhibition organizer can use pre-registrant's information such as e-mail address, mobile number and address only for sending e-mails, text messages and postal mails, fax mails for this or the next exhibition.
- The exhibition organizer can make public some of pre-registrant's information such as company, position, purpose of visit and interests to exhibitors for operating 1 to 1 on-line match making system. The system will be managed for exchanging information between pre-registrants(buyers) and exhibitors before exhibition period. Through this system, exhibitors can search for their proper buyers among all pre-registrants and send e-mails to specific pre-registrants to invite them to their booths for meetings on site.
- The exhibition organizer can provide the information of the pre-registrant that visited the booth and allowed the badge scan for customer management system.
- The exhibition organizer doesn't use or provide pre-registrant's information to anyone.

ROBEX2018 Secretariat does NOT provide an official invitation letter for foreign attendees for any purpose.

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